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As avid DIYers, we understand the value of a great camera – but we’re not so keen on the boring straps that come with most DSLRs. Fortunately there are plenty of tutorials for adorable DIY camera straps, so we picked out a few of our favorites to inspire us. Which one do you like the best?

1. DIY Painted Camera Strap by Design Love Fest

2. DIY Chain Camera Strap by A Pair & A Spare

3. DIY Toy Camera Strap by Pocketful of Pretty

4. DIY Adjustable Vintage-Looking Camera Strap by Sketch 42

5. DIY Studded Leather Camera Strap by Syl and Sam

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What could be?

Few weeks to go and I’m about to say goodbye to my position as Marketing Coordinator with an Advertising Company. It’s been two years that I’ve been volunteering in this kind of craft and capacity. Actually, this wasn’t really what I am expecting the time I left my previous job as Sales Associate with a telecommunication company. However, this experience has contributed alot. Surely, in the near future this could be a big help.

Meanwhile, while I’m into this resigning thing few months ago, I got bothered. What could be my next career after this? As much as possible, I’m praying hard to work with the industry that my heart tells me where I should belong. Fashion; Publishing; Events and Marketing; Media; or Advertising Agency. But among all of these, my primary goal is to work and live for long with the fashion industry. Yes, I’ve been really dying to work there since I was still a student back in college (college was the time I have decided where I really want to be). Lately I’m having this anxiety attack. I got few days left yet, no calls from my interviews. Except the first one I had, before I decided to pass my resignation to my immediate boss. Supposedly, to date I’m in my 1 month already with a media company if I was able to start immediately. With the thought I can’t ask for my immediate boss’ immediate approval, I lost the job offer 😦 Oh Lord. That gives me too much depression, really.

Okay, back to my real topic. I’m actually thinking for the meantime, if I can just go somewhere outside the country to work.  Earn lots of money then save it for my plan to take a fashion design course. Hmmm?  However, I don’t know where to start? Up to now, I still haven’t applied for my passport yet. Even government IDs- I don’t have any yet. What a sloppy human being I am.  L If perchance, I wanted to work somewhere in Europe or USA. Middle East is a big NO-but not for a culture-related reason. It’s just that I don’t feel at all…

I hope before I caught myself as a bummer, I found my way to reaching my dream as a Fashion Designer. Yeah!  DREAM BIG 😀

My love for FREJA

Okay. So, this may sound so gay for some. Yes I am aware of that 😀 I just can’t help it. Freja Beja is “to die for”. To rank it up, she can really turned a straight woman into one freakin’ lesbi. Yes, I can attest to that. haha.

How I wish I could have the chance to fly to New York and find her. Okay stalker mode in here. 😀

To love this person unseen is what I thought could be the best for me.

To let this person love another person despite the pain was okay.

For me, knowing that, that another person is jealous of me;

Made me believed that this person loves me more than how much this person loves her.”




Years had passed. Unexpectedly, up to present this still exist. This feeling that almost killed me a thousand times; yet, the pain it causes me is what I could label “a love amidst all negative odds-yet feels precise”.


Am I to be considered as the dimmest person alive? No. I am not. But can someone actually explain how you could stay away from the feeling, if you’ve almost felt this person was the one I would consider as my perfect match ever?


Too sweet; Unexplainable heed; superficial. Totting up few of the disconcerting facade this person has-that made me undoubtedly fell for this person so much. Which I presume this is what also causes me now to miss this person damn much. This too much that made me realized: it is iniquitous enough. This too much that I thought it was this person’s intention to be hushed for some time/s-for me to probably miss him/her this much. But I guess it was only reverie which I thought a normal thing to deal and live with.


“I miss you” “I love you” Uttered out of the blue. I have fallen for that deeply.

“Sorry I wasn’t able to text you. I’ve just got my phone loaded” explained without me asking. Shit. That made me freaked out. Goosebumps. Butterflies in my tummy. Seem so real. Feels-like-almost a “mutual understanding (eew. I know)”.  Yet, again after a few seconds, followed by minutes, hours, days-again this person disappeared. Thought, just busy? Broke phone, or ran out of load-but this is impossible. And sad to speak, neither any of these, my positive instinct worked.


Up to now, even a single word-there’s nothing. Do I really have to forget this bullshit feeling already? This immense feeling; I tried the ninth time for this person to sense and believe. Thus far, I still failed. Or maybe this person just doesn’t want to really entertain it.  Perhaps, nor the term “no strings attached” is not exactly would define us-only nothing but a “flirtatious affair” is what between us. Perchance I should never expect, at least once I would be able to say we’ve already met halfway of my fairytale.






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